Last day at sea

At sea | Posted by Steve
Jan 04 2011

The sunset of the cruise is close as we turn into the English Channel later tonight.

Thank you for all the comments – we enjoyed reading them and we look forward to settling scores with the various authors once we get home tomorrow!

Au revoir.

Off the Bay of Biscay

At sea | Posted by Christine
Jan 03 2011

On our way to Southampton, off the Bay of Biscay.

I went down into the kitchens to say a personal “Thank You” to the head chef and saw Steve’s lunchtime sweets being prepared.

Apparently we get through 5 tons of fruit and 2.5 tons of cheese every day! No wonder we have put on so much weight!

The Azores

Ashore | Posted by Christine
Jan 02 2011

We landed and went on an early morning trip to see the  volcanic Fire Lake and Mountains. Unfortunately the weather  had other ideas and instead of seeing the lake (left hand picture), all we saw was what our guide described as “the foggy” (right hand picture). Ah well.

Once on board for our lunchtime departure, we took the opportunity to enjoy what is possibly the last warm sunshine we’ll see until April or May.

Happy New Year!

At sea | Posted by Steve
Jan 01 2011

From onboard the Queen Elizabeth…

New Year’s Eve

At sea | Posted by Christine
Dec 31 2010

Yet another hectic and stressful day at sea (not)!

The day ended with a masked ball and then all of a sudden hoards of people appeared to ring in the New Year.

The day before New Year’s Eve

At sea | Posted by Christine
Dec 30 2010

Quite grey and dull today as we continue on towards the Azores.

Steve has been using the time to get some work ready for our return next week. I went to another Robert Winston lecture.

Leaving the Caribbean

At sea | Posted by Christine
Dec 29 2010

We are heading north and will spend the next four days at sea before visiting the Azures on Sunday. It is noticeably cooler today and the sea is quite rough. According to the driver we can expect 6 metre swells later tonight.

This evening we will be attending the Captain’s cocktail party, followed by dinner then a trip to the theatre for which we have booked a box, including champagne cocktail and canapes before the show and champagne during the show. We will then stagger back to our cabin to enjoy a ‘rock and roll’ night at sea!

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Ashore | Posted by Steve
Dec 28 2010

As  our ship slipped into Road Town harbour, we were enjoying a quiet breakfast on our balcony when all of a sudden a large block of apartments (otherwise known as the Caribbean Princess) hove into view!

We enjoyed a morning travelling by boat and taxi-bus across and around the main island of Tortola . The trip included a view of Treasure Island and a stop at Pussers Landing. We “did” downtown Road Town on foot in the afternoon and returned to the ship for a well earned cocktail on the after deck before sailing for the Azores later tonight.

Dominica …

Ashore | Posted by Steve
Dec 27 2010

Another very hot day – oh how we wish for some cooler weather!

Focus of the morning was an aerial tram ride through rain forest. Eight of us to a gondola with a guide encouraging us to spot wildlife. I saw a gigantic cricket. Cristine spotted a number of very small birds including a “green headed hummingbird” which hummed and had a green head. Anyone know why the birds are typically tiny and the insects huge in warmer climes?

Now back at the ship awaiting castoff at 5pm.

We’re going to Barbados …

Ashore | Posted by Steve
Dec 26 2010

Arrived at 7am and had breakfast watching the shoreside replenishment of supplies going on eight stories below our balcony.

In the morning we set off for a submarine trip. We took a short boat trip to the dive site and transferred to the submarine offshore. All very exciting but difficult to capture many clear images when underwater.

The afternoon was spent exploring downtown Bridgetown and taking a guided tour of the immediate hinetrland with Marson – our friendly taxi driver guide. Headed back to Queen Elizabeth at sunset ready to sail at 7:30.

After dinner we had a box in the theatre to see… Des O’Connor. Very professional.